Monsoon Skin Allergies

What Kinds of Elderly Monsoon Skin Allergies Occur & How Can They Be Prevented?

Monsoon is a season of memories. Schools announcing holiday unexpectedly, relishing the hot and spicy snacks cooked at home, listening to the sound of the raindrops hitting the ground, chanting ‘Arjuna, Arjuna’ while hearing the sound of thunder, playing in the muddy water, petrichor, waiting for the meteorologist to give a weather report, watching tv and whatnot. All of our childhood is filled with unique memories of monsoon.

Though the monsoon kindles beautiful memories we can never ignore the unwelcoming impacts it has on us. Each season has different impacts on our body, and these effects of the seasons can be noticed if it is on our skin. The onset of monsoon can trigger various skin allergies irrespective of age. As the skin is exposed to humidity and heat regularly, skin is prone to infections.

The sudden shift of climate from the scorching sun to soothing rain has adverse effects on the digestive system and skin of the elderly and infants. Monsoon marks the outbreak outbreaks of diarrhea, skin infections, respiratory infections, malaria, dengue, and many other ailments. The prevalence of viral and fungal infections during the monsoon invites various skin allergies. The most common monsoon season skin infections are skin eczema, scabies, dermatitis, warts, skin rash, itchy skin, and skin allergy. The Elderly are vulnerable to these infections, their skin is infected easily.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to take extra care of the elderly during these times. Though these infections on the skin are not life-threatening they can cause discomfort for the elderly. With many health tips during monsoon season already trending, this blog feeds you a few tips to be safe from skin allergies for the elderly.

Nutritious food at monsoon time is very important. Consuming seasonal fruits can be beneficial. Try avoiding fruits like muskmelon, and watermelon during this season. The addition of fruits like apples, jamuns, litchi, plums, papayas, pears, and pomegranates can keep the elderly healthy and also improve the immune system.

Always drink boiled or purified water. Curd, yogurt can be an appreciable addition to the senior’s diet plan during the rainy season. On the other hand, buttermilk, and lassi can cause swelling in the body. Drinking plenty of fluids is can restore the losing moisture.

Avoiding spicy foods, oily foods, peanuts, and sesame is crucial. Consuming foods that regulate the immune system can ensure a better immune system. Protein-rich and fiber-rich nutritious food should be added to the diet. Not just in the rainy season but it is always optimum to avoid eating already cut vegetables and fruits. Only clean and freshly cooked food should be served to the elderly.

Dry itchy skin during the monsoon season is very common among the elderly. Using mild soaps, moisturizers, and emollients, and staying hydrated are the key players in maintaining healthy skin during the monsoon.

The house must have abundant sunshine. This is because the dampness caused during the monsoon act as a host of molds and fungi, infestation which in turn will cause skin infections and stomach infections in the elderly. Therefore, make sure the place isn’t damp. Keep your surroundings clean.

Exercise is so important for the elderly. If it’s raining outside it’s better to exercise and meditate. By exercising at least for 30 minutes every day, not just their health will be good but also eliminates the excess moisture and dirt through sweat. It also helps them to regulate their metabolism.

The elderly shouldn’t be taken to crowded places at any season. This can save them from any kind of seasonal infection.

Excluding these, there are other ailments one has to watch out for during this monsoon season. Acute gastroenteritis, viral hepatitis, joint pains, water-borne diseases, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and ear infections are some of the sicknesses that can affect the elderly during the monsoon season.

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