Monsoons are a season of delight! It begins with the heavy downpours and ends up in a breezy sky with the breathtaking scenery covered in rich flora. To add beauty to this essence, spend your quality monsoon time with elders it gives a warmth and feels like going back to the time when there were many tales, experiences, and lives that have been forgotten. In exchange, you can give elders a sense of independence to make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

Imagine the possibility that someone could take care of your senior’s everyday needs without your intervention? The answer here comes is that Athulya launches its Assisted Living Facility in Bangalore.

Living at Assisted Living facility means taking advantage of customized care, fun things, and emotional connections. The residents of senior citizen homes experience the brighter days and really get into the interests that they love by promoting their health and safety.

Athulya Assisted Living in Bangalore

Being one of the luxury assisted living and retirement homes in Bangalore, Athulya provides a senior-friendly environment to enhance the senior’s independence for holistic senior living towards a refreshing life. Athulya Assisted Living eases the beautiful phase of aging with the pallets of personalized care in a comforting environment allowing seniors to enjoy the shades of living. With a warm dining environment, residents can enjoy their customized nutritious meal with a richness of taste. Amidst a sense of independence, Athulya cherishes the joy of senior hood every day with mindfulness activities.

Athulya just thinks outside the box and puts a lot of effort into engaging the seniors and coming up with fresh ideas to keep its residents active and healthy, preventing them from wasting away their senior years alone and silence. Mindfulness activities are specially planned at Athulya making its residents active in their minds and body for graceful aging.

Activities at Athulya:

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Walking clubs
  • Festival programs
  • Art & music therapy
  • Health talks by specialist
  • Discussions on spirituality

With its experienced nursing care team, Athulya lessens medical emergencies and allows seniors the chance to enjoy their golden years with exclusive senior living features. Our senior care can make elders feel at home by attending to their everyday needs and providing around-the-clock medical attention. On a whole, Athulya Assisted Living – an assisted living facility for seniors in Bangalore offers world-class care for your seniors to enjoy the patterns of holistic living experience.

What is like at an Athulya Assisted Living community in Bangalore?

Living in an Athulya Assisted Living facility is a unique way, here, you can forget the tired tropes of elderly people watching repeats of sitcoms while dozing off. Instead, it’s the beginning of a fresh chapter that gives you the chance to explore different people who have interests similar to your own.

At the heart of independence, we at Athulya redefine the standard of senior living to make difference in the lives of the elderly to celebrate the shades of aging.

  • Spacious rooms
  • Senior-friendly infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock clinical care & monitoring facilities
  • 24/7 safety & security
  • Technology-oriented care
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation care
  • Open garden with a temple
  • Wide corridors with grab bars
  • Multiple activities & engagements
  • Nutritious Vegetarian food

In addition, allowing elders to experience their golden years of life with the right combination of quality care and support with the beauty of greenery energizes the senior’s daily life with refreshing minds.

What makes Athulya unique?

In Athulya, there is nothing to bore you, we can occupy and amuse our residents with engaging activities by enabling their independence and dignity. With compassionate care, life at Athulya is an exquisite journey for the elderly and their family members to experience a new perception of a stress-free life. The luxury old age home of Athulya transforms aging into happy living by reinforcing the basic values of senior life through care-oriented healthy nutrition in a secured and comfortable environment along with mindfulness activities to make them feel connected.


Athulya Assisted Living is a pioneering senior citizen residence in India that enables seniors to live joyful, independent, and secure retirements. Over years of expertise in designing the senior living communities, Athulya offers a premium quality service with a note of positive living, focusing on your senior’s interests, preferences, and comfort for peaceful aging.


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