Seniors Indoor Games

With aging, our bodies are older and fragile and we tend to lose the capacity of doing many things easily. Apart from loss in physical strength, there is diminishing of the mind functions. Just as physical exercise is important for health, maintaining mental equilibrium is equally crucial for engaging the brain in meaningful activities. This is where interesting senior indoor activities come into play.

There are a variety of games and activities available for seniors which can be played indoors. This not only helps them in having fun but also enunciates joy, amusement and intellectual stimulation either individually or in a group. By pursuing these engaging activities and their own senior citizen hobbies , elders constructively spend time which, in turn, promotes their overall well-being.

 Senior Care options like Assisted Living Facilities pay special attention to engaging their residents in meaningful ways to evade boredom, relieve anxiety and stress and enable easier social engagements with lesser intimidation. It is also interesting to note that these facilities offer a countless number of such assisted living activities  which are customised to meet the needs of seniors who have physical or cognitive limitations.


Benefits of Indoor Games for Seniors

  • Keeps seniors happy and healthy through fun engagements thereby relieving mental tension and stress
  • Provides an opportunity to spend time and mingle with people of similar age group and interests and  encourages  socialization to avoid isolation
  • Increases memory formation and cognition capabilities by supporting the brain in complex thought formation and making relevant associations
  • Delays the onset of age-related ailments such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease by exercising the brain and preventing cognitive decline
  • Lowers the blood pressure by helping the muscles to relax naturally, improves blood circulation and produces endorphins which induce happiness and laughter
  • Boosts the immune system by releasing chemicals that combat stress
  • Increases optimistic thinking
  • Enhances the basic fine motor skills, coordination and dexterity which is very essential for seniors in performing the routine activities

Some Interesting Indoor Activities and Games for Seniors

  • Making Art and Craft for activating the mind with creativity and imagination and keeping the hands nimble. Examples include knitting and making greeting cards and photo frames using paper collages.
  • Solving Cross-Word Puzzles for challenging the brain and doing mental workouts.
  • Trying Fun and Interactive Online Games for improving memory and enhancing mental awareness. These games are particularly recommended for techno-savvy seniors and it permits the participation of multiple players too!
  • Exploring Logical Puzzles for enabling lateral and out-of-the-box thinking to re-activate neural pathways in the brain.
  • Attempting Jigsaw Puzzles to stimulate the mind and get relaxation. These puzzles even aid in lowering the blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Doing Tasks that target Memory and Attention by stimulating the thinking process. For instance-reciting the months of the year in alphabetical order.
  • Playing
    • Sudoku for building problem-solving skills and pattern recognition.
    • Chess for planning and strategizing.
    • Trivia Games in groups on a variety of topics to boost competitiveness and make it challenging.
    • Bingo in groups for stimulating the important senses of hearing, touching and seeing.
    • Other Board Games like scrabble, carom, ludo and dominoes
  • Identifying Botanical Names and doing Gardening for natural brain stimulation using fresh air
  • Reading Books and recalling the Tales for boosting the cognitive skills, enriching the vocabulary and thwarting off isolation.


Apart from this,

  • Games for Dementia Patients include amazing chase, call to mind, puzzles and pastimes and large Bingo Cards.
  • For increasing short time, memory serving tray game may be tried by enlisting and subsequently recalling activities that impact daily life.

Indoor Play is indeed a necessity for Seniority and not a luxury-so enjoy it for adding life to your golden years!


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