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Independent Senior Living and Assisted Living – An Overview and the Key Differences

independent living vs assisted living
Independent Senior Living and Assisted Living – An Overview and the Key Differences

The ways of aging can be unknown territories for many elders. Senior hood is a complex neighborhood and many seniors, even in this information-rich generation, we struggle to find the solutions that make their lives better than yesterday.

One such solution (out of many) is assisted living. Regarded as the best alternative senior living option of the lot, assisted living lifestyle takes care of elderly needs in a subtle and suitable manner while focusing on improving their quality of life.

Alternative Senior Living – An Overview

Exploring alternative senior living options has become a trend lately in India. Thanks to the medical innovations in senior care, elders are now living a quality life than ever before. And alternative living solutions are the biggest contributors in making this possible for seniors.

Life after retirement is transitional. Many things change in every aspect. Seniors search for their new identities, find ways to tune their physical and mental strength, and fight with symptoms of aging.

In all these efforts, they need constant support from the family members or their caregivers. With the increased nuclear families and busy lives, seniors are not receiving the time and attention they deserve from their bloodline.

The objective behind these senior living options is simple – to improve elders’ quality of life and add value to the way they are experiencing senior hood.

Be it providing an atmosphere that encourages them to live independently, or offering the required assistance as per their preferences, or providing complete care, senior living communities are the potential alternatives for enhanced retired life experience.

Now comes the valid question. Which is the best alternative senior living option for your loved one? Independent living home and assisted living facilities – what’s the differences? When is the right time to make the move? This blog answers all these questions. Give it a read.

Independent Living:

This concept is widely followed in the western countries and slowly but steadily getting popular in India.

These communities encourage seniors to live independently while taking care of the aspects that might pose a threat to the independence of elders.

The aspects that reduce a senior’s independence are mostly infrastructural and tasks that need physical effort. By being structurally fluent and senior-friendly, the independent living homes also employ attendants who help the community run in a seamless manner.

Assisted Living Facilities:

Drawing the concept clues from independent living communities, assisted living facilities is a better concept than the latter. It is an amalgamation of independent senior living and better care.

As the name implies, assisted living facilities offer assistance to an elder just the way he or she wants. Here the elder has the flexibility to choose the extent of assistance as well.

  • Continuum of Care: These facilities offer dedicated caregivers for each resident to take care of their needs. Starting from the morning activities to preparing the elder’s bed, and every activity in-between, the caregivers provide their assistance for elders.
  • Supportive Care: For seniors who need a little bit more than just assistance in daily life is provided with supportive care by the courteous caregivers or nurses. They take care of elders while not giving any room for factors that can reduce the quality of life.
  • Helping elders who are physically weak
  • Need assistance in bathing or grooming
  • Help in outdoor activities like walking
  • Feeding and helping in medication administration

Understanding the senior’s world, the caregivers assist your loved ones while giving utmost importance to their privacy and dignity.

  • A Holistic Lifestyle Experience: Covering each aspect in an elder’s life with care and compassion, the assisted living facilities offer a holistic living experience that help elders age slower and experience each moment of their life better.

Even though the alternative senior living options are getting more popular every day than yesterday, they are still taking time to reach the right community. The reasons being assisted living misconceptions and myths. Here are some MythBusters.

  • Assisted living facilities are old age homesThe difference between assisted living facilities and old age homes is like night and day. Assisted living is sophisticated and more advanced in every aspect than the old age homes.
  • Only long-term stays are available in assisted living– Being flexible is the innate nature of assisted living concept. Here, seniors can stay long-term and short stays in assisted living based on their requirements.
  • Assisted lifestyle is not like normal home-bound life No, it is not in some ways but only better. With the like-minded people around in the same age bracket, assisted living, in fact, feels like better than home.

Aging and health limitations should not determine the quality of life. If you are looking for your perfect aging partner, book an appointment with Athulya Assisted Living Facility in Chennai to experience how the joy of aging feels like.


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