independence day speech

The art of vintage and classical stories brings us together. Both listening and sharing stories are skills fiscally feasible.

When someone begins to tell a story, have you ever noticed how unforeseeable attached to them you become? Or how, once you share a specific story from your own life, everyone around you start to pay attention? We can better comprehend others and their distinctive viewpoints by using stories.

Here, the residents of Athulya assisted living facility is the teller of tales who magnetize and grasp the attention of listeners by sharing their rich and unique insights and rhythms of freedom fighter stories to let people know about our pride in Indian historical moments. And finally, it’s time to dive into their thought reflection.

Let’s start this with the song which stuck in my head. Mrs. Vallinayagi, was there at the times of pre and post-Independence, expressing her wave of patriotism with the wings of music. She delighted to give a voice to our great Indian leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mahakavi Barathiyar. She started to indulge in her singing and those songs defined and explained how our people have striven hard for our nation’s integrity and independence. Her widened mind travels north and sang a few of the Hindi poetic songs and mentioned their movements during the phase before independence. Her vocal nailed and reflected every hurdle our nation had taken for independence.

Next, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi who whole-kindheartedly loves our independent India. She is proud of our development regions over railways, quality education, easy accessibility of daily requirements, and other actions. However, she is worried about the buffer between students and their Independence Day knowledge. To bridge this comprehensive gap, she is also providing us with a solution, to teach the basic concepts and ideas behind our Independence Day for the present younger generation which outcomes a result of driving our heritage and struggles to let children know and take actions for further development.

The third person here is Mr. Major Chanderasekar. Notably, he worked in the Army force of India and personally had rich room for serving and dedicating himself to the nation. He handled and delivered the subject of Indian Independence meticulously by covering all the aspects of India’s richness and development after freedom. Featuring the developing country, we all have to work hard and use our liberty to further the nation’s wealth, he says. He is a rich reservoir with greater knowledge and an enthuse-filled person, who loved living here!

Mr. Devasenathibathi is a writer who is actively working to publish the book, “World Peace”. So, we decided to let him open up his thoughts on Independence Day. As a rich pool, he is having a clear and competent vision of our nation. He is thoroughly enjoying the delights and establishments of our nation after that many struggles and backlogs. Finally, he asks us to do more favor to the nation in terms of wealth, growth, and sustainability.

Finally, Mr. Govindarajan, who is feeling the warmth of sharing their views on independence day, explaining that how blessed we are here as Indians. In addition, he added the pinches of seasonings to this talk by saying save and use our Independence in the right way. This is the actual thought that we all have to give time and think of.

Imagine, here we have touched on the patterns and impressions of the silent generation. It’s such a precious time to hear real-life stories, instead of sticking with fictional parts. Athulya Assisted Living is grateful to serve those who is having rich room for patriotic love and the nation’s growth. Moreover, we at Athulya provide seniors with exclusive facilities and amenities for happy, healthy, and safe aging. Hope this read enriched your independence day thoughts and promotes you to take the right choice of actions for tomorrow’s growth.


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