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Everyone needs a break. A vacation, a sabbatical or a short break from the regular routine. This respite helps us to take time to rejuvenate and revive ourselves for the years ahead. Elders need this more than anyone else as they are fatigued due to age and get easily stressed. Seniors can opt for a short stay at assisted living facilities to rest and relax in a changed environment. Athulya Living offers short term stay for seniors with skilled nursing care and affordable amenities.

What are the advantages of short term stay for seniors?

A short term stay can prove invaluable for seniors in the following ways.

  1. Avail the best benefits of post-operative care– Seniors often fall ill due to age and chronic ailments. Undergoing an operation or surgery might be the best option but it can be traumatic for them. Elders need tender and compassionate care to recover completely after an operation. Seniors can avail the best benefits of post-operative care by shifting to assisted living facilities for a short period. This short stay for seniors provides them with skilled nursing care and the best clinical support at the assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are well-equipped with both trained staff and technical equipment to care for such convalescing elders. They provide the best of care even for a short period
  2. A secure place to leave seniors while on a work trip

Sometimes, work demands that we go away on a trip abroad. Where to leave the elders then? You would not want to inconvenience our relatives or friends. You need a safe and secure place where your elder will be cared for in the best possible manner. And this safe haven is a caring assisted living facility like Athulya Living. 

Athulya Living offers a secure environment where seniors are cared for, like family. Caregivers tend to adults 24×7 and care for all their needs- both big and small. Apart from this, skilled nursing care is available in-house at Athulya Living to attend to ailing elders. Home doctor visits are also arranged if necessary to fulfill the specific needs of seniors. Round-the -clock surveillance and care is provided to mentally-affected elders and dementia patients to ensure their safety.

All these security measures ensure that your senior is safe and sound at Athulya Living till you are back from your trip.

3. A mini-vacation for seniors

How long can seniors be confined to their home? They too need a change of place to refresh themselves. Give them this mini-vacation by arranging a short stay at Athulya Living.

A short term stay for seniors at Athulya Living can be fun. Firstly, seniors are in the company of elders of their own age group. This gives them a chance to interact socially among like-minded friends. Next, many recreational activities are arranged like group games, meditation and yoga classes or music sessions at Athulya. Apart from this, Athulya organizes aerobic exercises for seniors to keep them fit and healthy during their short-stay.

Such fun and entertaining activities ensure that your senior is happy and enjoying every moment of his/her short stay at Athulya Living

4. A refreshing respite for depressed elders

Seniors face many problems in life like loss of their job, home or a dear one. Even a small change can create a big impact on elders and make them feel depressed. It is our duty to keep our seniors happy in both mind and spirit. One way to avoid depression for elders is to offer them a change of atmosphere. A short term stay for seniors in an assisted living facility can do them a lot of good. Expert assisted living facilities like Athulya Living know how to care for depression patients. They handle dementia and depression-affected seniors in a special manner by providing skilled nursing care and 24×7 support. 

A short term stay for seniors is a must every now and then to give them relief, respite and refreshment from their mundane routines. Give your elder the comfort and care of a” home away from home” by opting for a short stay at Athulya Living.


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