6 Hobbies that Keep You Healthy and Strong Post-Retirement


Every stage in life is a bliss just if you have had it planned well in advance. The life post-retirement will give you an enormous amount of time and also with an opportunity to explore the different aspects of senior living. As a Wiseman once said – Life is all about bagging some memories and experiences. Very true! But, bagging memories and experiences shouldn’t stop just because you are a senior citizen. Being nostalgic in elderly age could be profound but experiencing the present moment to its fullest could be rewarding. It is important to keep your motives up along with your health and overall wellbeing. Here 6 hobbies that keep you going post-retirement.

Become a Gardener

Gardening is a great idea. It keeps you active and attached towards small things in life. If you are a senior with small backyard, you are blessed. Otherwise, worry not even if you don’t have a backyard at all. You can pursue your hobby in small pots that are hung over the walls.

Become a Bibliophile

Reading as many books not only allows you to see life from various perspectives but also keeps you positive and engaging towards life which is essential in matured adulthood. Living with your favorite book is a great experience and adding as many books as possible to your favorite list could be knowledge enhancing.

Pets with a Purpose

Living with pets has its own rewards, especially for senior citizens. They keep you on your feet and help you in being active and healthy. Caring for a pet gives warmth with a sense of love. Pets could be your greatest ally in some situations as they keep you from any harm.

Arts and Crafts

Be it a beautiful painting or a work of modern art, the tranquility of any form of art keeps you calm and gives a kind of feel that is soothing. Indulge yourself in artistic activities as often as possible. It is the best way to make use of your time post-retirement.

Dance and Music for Body

Believe in the notion – we get old just when we stop being a child. A simple body movement to your favorite number or listening to that one song that kept your motives up in your young age would keep your moods high. Make listening to music and a bit of dancing as part of your daily routine.

Healthy Diet:

Thanks to its traditional ways of cooking and the fresh vegetables from the neighbouring states like Kerala and Andhra, the food in Chennai is healthy and affordable. Most of the hotels will be vegetarian and provide numerous varieties of vegetarian dishes that go easy on the elders’ digestive system.

Board Games for Brain

Board games such as chess and carom are helpful in improving your cognitive ability. These games require minimal physical activity and they are fun as well.

One way to experience every moment of your life post-retirement is developing a few healthy hobbies that in turn keep your life engaging and strong. If you are a senior looking for best platforms that provide optimized senior living experience along with all the opportunities to develop new hobbies, you could chose assisted living facilities for better senior living.


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