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Five Ways to Keep Your Mind Active after Retirement


Retirement is a crucial life transition, proper planning and actions can help one adjust positively to this phase of life. At this stage it is also important to take full responsibility of one’s physical and mental wellbeing and plan your life that brings you a positive outcome.

Our brain requires continuous stimulus to keep it healthy and active, a sedentary life post retirement can have a negative impact on mind. With ageing the brain cells tend to get degenerated which often leads to memory problems. Nevertheless, you can keep your brain active by doing mental exercises; spending time outside house, getting busy with certain activities and following your interest.

So if you are retired or on verge of retirement here are five ways by which can keep your mind active and cope with the changes pertaining to post retirement life

Keep yourself motivated

Acceptance and adjustment to the post retirement life is important for physical and psychological well-being of an individual. For most people retirement is an issue of giving up their work identity to which they were highly tied up for a long time. This often leads to low self-esteem and depression. Studies have shown that a positive attitude is essential for a healthy aging both mentally and physically. So, keep yourself motivated and welcome your retirement with a positive attitude.

Try to get engaged in new activities

There is no age boundary to learn something new, also post retirement you have ample time to revive your hobbies or passion for which you never had enough time. You can start writing, painting, gardening, travel or anything you wanted to do. You can join classes to learn something new, if you are educated enough its good time for you to even start teaching or taking tuitions, this is great way to keep you engaged and active.

Join Fitness classes

Exercise is must to keep your body and mind active and energetic. . Numerous studies have reported that physical activity has tremendous benefits in improving the physical and mental health amongst older adults. You can join yoga classes or take a good morning walk. This will help reduce your stress level and keep you positive throughout.

Take a Healthy and balanced diet

Old age demands nutrient requirement changes and an appropriate diet that can help in optimal repair of the tissues and keep the muscles active. Intake of natural antioxidants, fluids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and functional food are crucial in keeping your body and mind healthy.

Socialize with friends and relatives

Socializing, surfing internet and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues is a great medium to keep one’s mind busy and stimulated. Getting engaged into social work with peers can keep one busy and enlighten at heart.

Indoor games are also a great way to create happiness, improve memory and cognition. This is also a great medium to spend time together and socialize.

You can play games like crossword puzzles, card games, Pictionary etc. There are plenty of games available online which are a proven to be a good mental exercise.


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