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Family Health and Fitness Day – The Importance of Elders’ Fitness


The health and fitness of senior citizens is an important health concern globally. Well-balanced diets, regular exercise and preventive healthcare are significantly beneficial for maintaining the health and well-being of elders. This also keeps them mentally strong and safeguards them against diseases and injuries with better immunity. All forms of senior care including residing along with family caregivers, Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living (AL) Facilities or Senior Independent Living Homes usually adopt such healthy measures.
Monitoring and maintaining senior health and fitness is a complex and challenging task because older adults have distinct nutritional requirements. Additionally, due to aging, their bodies experience a host of physiological changes which has a direct impact on their overall health and well-being. AL and many other senior care facilities put special efforts in planning and conducting Wellness Programs for their residents. These programs focus on nutritional and fitness aspects for ensuring good physical and mental health of seniors.

Family Health and Fitness Day is one such Wellness Program event by AL centres that promotes awareness on active and healthy aging. The purpose of this is to portray the benefits of regular exercise and health screening for adults, specifically the elders.

Objectives of AL Family Health and Fitness Day

This program helps family members and caregivers to –

  • Be updated and guided on the health status of their elderly parents or loved ones. The focus to convey the health conditions which directly impacts their fitness levels and diet needs.
    Understand the healthy nutritional requirements of seniors in terms of food patterns, eating plans and nourishment levels of various dietary choices.
  • Be fully aware of the medications, vitamins and immunity supplements taken by the elders. This is vital for taking any precautionary steps for medicinal side-effects or food-drug interactions.
  • Stay proactively prepared for any deterioration or changes to the mental, emotional, or physical health of their loved ones. This helps in addressing health issues immediately for getting timely treatment and enhances the chances of quick recovery.
  • Understand and procure information on the benefits of regular exercise regimes for senior residents. This promotes family involvement in pursuing this health initiative which in turn motivates seniors. It also improves public health standards.

Benefits of Exercises for Senior Fitness

  • Improves balancing and coordination capabilities thereby preventing falls and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Increases independence and flexibility for performing activities of daily living.
  • Enhances endurance for participating in sports, tackling challenging chores and actively interacting with the youngsters.
  • Decreases the risk of cardiac disease, diabetes, bone density reduction and other such age-related health issues.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels and elevates moods for better emotional well-being.
  • Improves socialization skills and avoids depression and isolation.

AL Activities on Family Health and Fitness Day

This day’s typical itinerary is designed with low impact and non-competitive activities for choosing exercise as a perfect and enjoyable social habit. It includes group fitness classes, personal training and classes for independent gym and swimming pool usage. Demos on chair yoga, group walks, gym-class styled games and aerobic dance may also be given. AL centres even partner with local hospitals, healthcare units and agencies to conduct free medical check-ups on vital health parameters and hand out information pamphlets on fitness and healthcare options including adult immunization and nutritional support.

In continuum with its Senior Wellness agenda, customized dining options and Nursing Care in Assisted Living ensure that nourishing food, timely medication, vaccination and daily-living assistance is dispensed. Regular Health Check-up Tests are also conducted by qualified professionals for better senior health maintenance and monitoring.

AL Family Fitness Day thus showcases how family participation boosts the community initiative of Senior Health for Dignified Ageing.


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