Everything You Need to Know About ICU Set Up at Home

Healthcare is a dynamic world and it changes, improvises and adopts based on the needs of the patients. One such improvisation is assisted living facilities. As a popular senior healthcare and wellness stream, the modern senior living facilities in India, provides the care that is next to none. 

For seniors, not every health issue demands a hospital visit. Of course, visiting a hospital for major health issues is mandatory. But minor health issues that could be addressed by a general physician, nursing care services, physiotherapy etc., could be accessed by people being wherever they are.

This very feature is what turned out to be a boon for the elderly population. Be it a home or an Assisted Living Facility, seniors can access quality medical care without relying on the hospitals. 

Doctor home visits, skilled nursing care, post operative care, rehab care – the list of healthcare services that could be availed without stepping out are many! One such service that is gaining popularity day by day is ICU set up at home.

Continue reading the blog to understand more about ICUs set up at home, who could avail of this service, and why it is important in elderly lives.

What is ICU Set Up at Home?

Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as the name implies, is a care provided for the people who are medically vulnerable and require constant medical support.

So long ICUs have been referred as the integral part of hospitals and thanks to modern medical technology, vital monitoring systems, basic life support, and situation handling support systems could be installed in a home or a senior living community setup.

When Do You Need an ICU Set Up at Home?

Handling the ICU set up requires proficient medical knowledge. Based on a person’s medical condition, the doctor might recommend ICU stay until the recovery. 

The ICU stay could be longer or shorter depending on the patient’s illness, the responsiveness to the treatment, and progress. A few people might recover faster than the expected timeframe and a few people require additional or prolonged ICU stays. In such scenarios, the doctor will recommend ICU stay.

Who Can Avail This Service?

In simple words, people who need prolonged and constant monitoring, and could not stay longer in hospitals, can avail this service. Continue reading the blog to understand who and all can avail of this service.

 People who need post operative care – After a surgery or an illness, the post operative care starts right from the moment the patient is shifted from the surgery room.

Based on the nature of the surgery, people will be shifted to ICUs and the person can recover holistically by availing the ICU set up services right from home or a skilled nursing care facility.

  People recovering from terminal illness – 

A prolonged hospital stay not only costs more but also makes people morally weak by making them witness the health issues that are typical of any hospital’s environment.

Children and the seniors’ population will have a difficult time staying in the hospitals in the name of recovering from a terminal illness. Instead, they could recover at a more convenient and relaxing ICU set up. Especially elders could avail this service at most of the assisted living facilities these days.

 Different levels of care – 

Even though the care provided within the ICU environment is considered as intensive, not every patient needs the same level of care.

For example ICUs, generally, are capable of providing care for people who are critically ill. However, the same equipment could be used to help people to recover by providing simple care that is just a step above the care provided in general wards. 

The stay in ICU will be decided based on various considerations such as age, health conditions, illness type, its stage, the possibility of recovery, recovery period and various other aspects.

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