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Elder women’s health is the backbone of society

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International women’s day is celebrated on March 8 to tribute and recognize every woman’s achievement irrespective of their nation and culture. But the world has renowned this honor as a feminist act.

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow!

This day aims to acknowledge the work done by women regardless of any field and motivate them to actively participate and work in the things that they love.

Women and leadership

Women are not all about managing house works, the survey findings state that the family responsibilities of women are the key barrier in expanding their careers. Parallelly, we can find a major graph difference between men and women on the political side. This gender gap on democratic women is absolutely a wrong concept. United Nations has created a community to establish gender equality to address this space.

As we all know, elder women are the standing factor in shaping up the next generation. Nowadays, their expectations are ranging to higher levels and this helps them in regular modernizing and gradual adaption to the changing environment. Assisted Living for elder women increases the probability of healthy living opportunities with improved communities to stay.

Athulya Living in Chennai provides a senior living facility with 24/7 clinical care, geriatric assistance, premium infrastructure, clinical beds, and a safe environment to avail a peaceful life.

Senior living community

This type of community is designed for senior needs with the incorporation of healthcare. It offers services for constant improvement in achieving resident satisfaction. Apart from health management, they provide nursing care to develop and normalize your physical fitness.

Women health issues

In general, men and women suffer from several health problems, but women have unique health complications. Due to their changing work spectrum, their resting time meets a lower scale and this reduces the quality of life by causing illness. The specific problem that affects women is detailed below.

Improper monthlies

Regular periods cannot cause problems but irregular ones will. Most women experience mental distractions with body pain. This happens due to changes in the hormone cycle and is cured by taking rest and drinking hot water.

Thyroid problems

Approximately, 1 in every 8 women is suffering from thyroid and the risk level is 10 times greater for women than in men. It slows down the metabolic rate by causing changes in the menstrual cycle and leads to body weakness.

Breast cancer

Globally, half a million women die every year from breast cancer and this is considered to be one of the important risk factors for women. Breast cancer survival rate can be increased by regular diagnosis, choosing healthy diets, and performing simple health exercises and this will treat the susceptible women to improve better.

How to maintain elder women’s health?

Biologically men and women are not the same, women need some special care in managing their health and they include,

Work physically

While concentrating on mental health, it’s equally important to stay on top of your physical strength as well. Do some muscle and bone-building exercises that will help you in developing your physical power.

Eat more color

Eating healthy not only develops physical health but also boosts your psychological well-being. The right food prevents a wide range of health complications. Incorporate plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins in your daily intake.

Take enough sleep

Try to maintain a regular bedtime and avoid the temptations of lying-in beds. Always make sure that you get seven to eight hours of sleep, which is the optimal amount for a person to stay healthy.

Do yoga

Yoga for seniors balances the body and increases the flexibility level in actions. It develops the degree of concentration and brings you a relaxing feel.

Women safety

Our universe is diverse with different cultures and religions, that’s why women’s safety becomes a social problem. More than half of the women in the globe are experiencing certain types of abuse and this is one of the standing hurdles of any nation’s development.

How do women ensure safety?

  • Develop awareness
  • Frame policies on safety
  • Allocate special investigation units
  • Take quick actions
  • Develop a safe working culture

Several social bodies took active initiatives in developing women’s safety throughout the world by promoting various judiciary acts and this helps in less violence and higher safety.


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