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Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living (AL)

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After retirement, all elderly citizens deserve a peaceful and healthy life that is devoid of stress. You would have toiled the major portion of your life juggling between official and personal fronts. Certainly, now, you must have a hassle-free comfortable living.

As seniors, most of you choose to lead an independent life despite the age factor. Assisted Living (AL) promotes this concept by offering multiple options for improved senior care.AL facilities may be given to seniors in various forms such as independent assisted living homes, exclusive luxury homes for senior citizens or shared assisted living apartments. Based on your physical and emotional needs and financial status, you may opt for one of these.

Often, the very thought of ‘assisted living’, creates a mindset of ambiguity and apprehensions. Let us now clarify some common misconceptions you may have about ‘Assisted Living’.

Misconception #1: AL Facilities are targeted specifically for sick and unhealthy people

This is a common perception among retired persons. They perceive that most AL residents are feeble and weak, have health issues and need nursing care. In contrast, the plethora of healthcare and wellness services available at the AL facility actually ensures your well-being and enhances healthy living habits.

Truth: In reality, most AL residents need minimal medical interventions and support. They actively lead a normal and vibrant life. However, as a surplus, assistance is available when required.

Misconception #2: AL is not recommended when you are still hale and hearty

Most senior citizens think that AL services are only called for in extreme conditions of health deterioration or medical emergencies. They feel, otherwise, their stay in AL is not justified as they are currently by and large independent.

Truth: Though it is appreciable that seniors are able to maintain good health currently, it may not persistently be so in future. Health deteriorations and issues are foreseen in the days to come. So it is advisable that they dwell in a safe environment. They also get the right amount of care accompanied by timely availability of help if needed.

Misconception #3: AL completely curbs independence in daily living and hinders privacy.

Aged persons are burdened with the worst fear of being watched all the time and being monitored continuously. This encroaches their personal space and puts them in the ‘uncomfort’ zone. Thus they are sceptical of moving to an AL community.

Truth: AL facilities are specifically customized to promote secure independent lifestyle and yet, be a part of the community. It actually aids socialisation though various activities and events. However, it is noteworthy that residents are not monitored or compelled to do anything against their wishes.

Misconception #4: AL lacks homely atmosphere and cannot put one ‘at ease’.

Elders commonly think that AL communities have stringent rules, protocols and ambience .So it would lack the homely and comforting atmosphere with amenities which they usually prefer.

Truth:Though AL living areas may be down-sized, personalisation is allowed. So seniors may choose to recreate the ‘familiarity and homely’ feeling with their own personalised furniture, photos, art-works and the like. They are also encouraged to pursue their hobbies.

Misconception #5: AL communities are unaffordable due to exorbitant rates

This is one of the major concerns in relocating to AL communities. It is important to carefully assess all the expenses and care giving costs of seniors and the family’s ability to give them the required support.

Truth: When all costs involved in senior care are pragmatically considered ,choosing an appropriate AL may seem a viable and affordable option.

” Actually AL helps you to relive those precious moments of life in dignity for ‘age is merely a number’! “


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