cholesterol in seniors

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in blood. Although human body needs cholesterol to create healthy cells, having too much of it can increase your chance of developing heart disease. Experts know that in adults older than 65, having high cholesterol levels in blood can raise the risk for heart attacks and strokes. In fact, poor cholesterol has become a growing source of concern for physicians and researchers. Cholesterol treatment for seniors can be one option that can lower cholesterol levels. These treatments can be either all-natural or taken as medications. Diet and exercise are two natural strategies that can be incorporated into the senior’s lifestyle. A quick blood test can be used to measure cholesterol levels. Following a diagnosis, a treatment strategy might be developed in accordance with the senior’s medical background and other limitations.

Cholesterol treatment for seniors

Simple lifestyle adjustments have a significant impact on cholesterol levels. Exercise and a balanced diet are two behaviors that can provide excellent protection against high cholesterol. Protein diet for seniors, plant based diet for seniors and diet for heart health can be some healthy ways to customize the nutrition needs for seniors. Most often it is advised to consult a professional nutritionist before picking up any diet as misconceptions and wrong diet can cause other health problems.

Here are a few diet tips for good heart health in Old age

  1. Keeping an eye in portion size: Portion control is essential for maintaining heart health, which also entails controlling our cholesterol levels. Filling your plate to the point of feeling full can cause you to eat more calories, which over time can result in high cholesterol and obesity.
  2. Tracking the nutrition needs: Fruits and vegetables are important providers of vitamins and minerals. This will meet the body’s nutritional requirements. Vegetables and fruits, plant-based diets might contain substances that lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Reading nutrition labels: The nutrition label provides information on the total amount of fat present in a product per serving as well as information on the types of fat present, such as saturated, unsaturated, and trans-fat. These enable us to readily monitor the levels of dietary cholesterol consumption.
  4. Limit unhealthy fats: Reducing your intake of saturated and trans fats is a crucial step in lowering your blood cholesterol and reducing your risk of coronary heart disease.
  5. Reduce Alcohol Intake: Alcohol contains calories, which might result in high cholesterol levels. Additionally, excessive drinking can harm a senior’s liver, which in turn can have a negative impact on their cholesterol levels and cause serious health issues.
  6. Consuming rich protein foods: Seniors’ cholesterol levels can be significantly lowered by eating low-fat protein foods. Beans, peas, and lentils are all nutritious, cholesterol-free sources of protein that are also low in fat, making them ideal for a balanced diet.

These food recommendations can help seniors maintain good cholesterol levels and lead heart-healthy lives. A significant factor in heart health and other medical issues might also be weight. Here is a list of some foods to manage weight:

  1. Lean protein
  2. Vegetables
  3. Avocados
  4. Apples & berries
  5. Nuts and seeds
  6. Leafy greens
  7. Beans and legumes
  8. Whole grains
  9. Chia seeds

Elderly people frequently find it challenging to control and maintain their cholesterol levels on their own. Additionally, they don’t have enough information of the necessary nutrition. This is where places like Assisted living and senior living homes serve as an advantage for their elders. Especially at Athulya Assisted Living, irrespective of the care plan, whether short term care or long-term care, seniors are provided healthy nutritious vegetarian food that is based on the diet requirements according medical condition and routine seniors live with. To derive these diet plans, Athulya has experienced in-house nutritionist who customizes the seniors diet after proper evaluation on a regular basis. This personalized diet plan helps seniors live with innate satisfaction and allows them to be in full physical health for an optimum living experience at Athulya Assisted Living facility.


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