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Caring for an Aging Parent When You’re the Only Child and Living Away


Caring for elderly parents is the duty of every child in every household. Blessing of parents sought by children brings fortune to their future generation. Ensure your parents enjoy the bliss of life even at old age. Caring for an aging parent is not confined with attending to their day to day domestic chores such as providing food, shelter, medications and other assistance. Many more aspects beyond the basic needs guarantees ecstasy in senior living offering a contented lifestyle to live life to the fullest through a relaxed mind and soul which undoubtedly has a positive impact on their health and long life.

Keys to Aging Well – Healthy Lifestyle for Elderly

An insight into certain understandings that essentially make your aging parents to feel good about retirement life as before:

  1. Never make them feel being alone. Loneliness is the devastating disease that leads to all physiological and psychological traumas especially at old age, as per research statistics.
  2. Aging parents should be treated on par with kids. Hence, engage them with various activities.
  3. Encourage their hobbies and interests by engaging them with variety of hobbies that interests them most.
  4. Senior people prefer interacting with peers. So, such a comfortable lifestyle has to be offered to your aging parents.
  5. Behaviour of elderly people are not typical. Some prefer independent life style as in western countries but some prefer assisted living, sometimes assisted living would become mandatory due to age and health factors.
  6. Elders do not prefer being refrained from the outside world. Instead, prefer reaching out to friends, relatives or sometimes even strangers, prefer day outs, trips etc.,
  7. Many would like to engage themselves in spiritual life.
  8. Regular exercises, yoga and meditation have become inexorable in the elderly lifestyle today.
  9. Most of the senior community enjoy get together and family functions where they can meet their near and dear sharing quality moments with them.
  10. Above all, love and care are the two most important secrets that bonds a family forever and every child should vow to care for their aging patents.

Now, how can this be accomplished at home, if not at home then where?

Challenges emerge being a single child caring for aging parents. It’s understood without denial that in today’s fast moving world, even spending quality time with wife and children has become dubious. So, how and when can you find time to care for your aging parents?

Cease your woes, here are homes away from home to care your parents as you do enabling your aged parents feel at home. Yes, those are none other than elderly care homes commonly referred to as assisted living homes or senior living homes. Independent senior living homes are also available today offering independent senior living opportunities for your aging parents.

Such assisted living homes and independent senior living homes are a boon to children who thrive for caring aging parents but are left with no feasible options due to their busy lifestyle and daily chores. Most importantly, if you are a single child your challenges are doubled as you do not even have a sibling caring aging parents, as an alternative when you are caught amidst some unavoidable life time situations.

Such Independent senior living homes and assisted living homes lend their helping hands to care your parents more than you do and provide a comfortable living space and facilities more than what you dreamt off. They are children in disguise for your aged parents, a sibling in disguise if you are a single child and a second home in disguise for your aging parents.

All of the above discussed aspects are offered in assisted living homes today. Assisted living homes today exist with a sophisticated infrastructure, customized safety measures and advanced technology keeping pace with the growing trends offering selfless services to the elderly with care through extensive facilities enabling the senior citizens of our country to enjoy the bliss of old age.

So, if you are a single child confused with options caring for aging parents, then reach out to those independent senior living and assisted living homes who offer 24×7 care to your dear parents, a care which can never be offered even by you at your home round the clock.


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