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Emotions are the strings that are attached to your heart and health. Yes, physical health is governed by emotional well-being and mental balance and this is more so in the case of elders. Geriatric citizens feel the need for long-term relationships, bonding and togetherness. At old age, seniors crave for companionship with like-minded friends and wish to partake their experiences and exchange views and feelings. They want the joy of new company while nestled in the comfort of caring ones. This is best experienced in senior living communities.

Need for building relationships in later years

When elders are past their retirement age, they suddenly find themselves alone as their kids move out and settle separately on account of their career or education. This is the time when they feel a need to nurture new relationships. Building new relationships in later years is very vital  for elders because

  • Elders should not be isolated or left alone as this leads to depression and anxiety.
  • Staying happy is vital for healthy ageing and that comes only by being surrounded by the right company
  • An active social life helps the aged to remain physically fit and emotionally well-balanced.
  • Socially active seniors are less susceptible to cardiac diseases, arthritis or osteoporosis.
  • Maintaining friendships and being socially active sharpens the mind of elders and keeps them away from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Senior living communities provide the best environ to build healthy relationships in the later years.

Building relationships in later years through assisted living facilities

As they age, elders seldom find opportunities to interact with new people. Yet socializing is very vital for their healthy living.  So how to provide the right forum for elders to interact, socialize and be cared in spite of their health disabilities? The answer lies in assisted living facilities.

  • Moving beyond the objective of providing mere elderly care and assistance, Assisted Living facilities offer a community for conviviality, companionship and camaraderie. Their philosophy is relationship-centered and based on providing emotional support to elders by enhancing their social activity through team activities.
  • No elder is ever left alone and isolated at senior living communities. These communities offer a “family’ atmosphere for elders with their staff and caretakers enjoying a good rapport with the residents. Seniors are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities and mingle with fellow inmates.
  • Activities at assisted living facilities are contrived to make the elders open up and mingle with others. Reading newspapers, playing chess, going for strolls, performing yoga, group meditation – all these activities are planned to make the elder never feel alone.
  • For energetic elders, Assisted living communities offer great opportunities to participate in simple outdoor activities like nature walks, gardening, badminton, aerobics, playing Frisbee or softball etc. Such kind of group activities help seniors to alleviate stress and relax themselves. These outdoor activities also help them to remain physically fit and emotionally happy.
  • For slightly disabled seniors, group activities like card games, chess, scrabble or carom board are encouraged. Music and film shows are also arranged by Assisted living communities to help them find solace to their souls.
  • Sometimes, fate takes a toll on the lives of elders. They lose their life partner and are in distress. Such people are in dire need of love, care and company. Assisted Living facilities provide them with an opportunity to make new meaningful friendships among fellow inmates and forge new bonds.

For seniors who have come full circle in life after completing their duties, a new lease of life should be provided by helping them build new relationships in their later years. Assisted Living offers long-term care facilities through care and companionship with complete commitment.



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