Benefits and advantages of short stay for seniors at an assisted living center

Benefits of short stay for seniors at an assisted living center

Most of us are conscientious caregivers who wish to take care of our elders. Yet there are times when our personal or individual responsibilities prevent us from taking care of the senior for a brief period of time. This is when Elderly short Term stays come as a boon to help us. Yes, with elderly short term stays, we can care for our elders in the same manner but with external help from assisted living facilities. Such a facility is of great use to us when we want to keep the elder under special care while we are away on a trip or on urgent business. This short-stay facility accorded by senior living homes is also of great help when we need professional assistance and post-operative care for seniors.

Let us take a look at the benefits and advantages of short stay for seniors at an assisted living center.

Benefits of elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities

Elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities can have the following advantages for seniors.

  • A good trial run

Convincing elders to move to senior living homes can be a challenging task. Elders often hesitate to leave the comfort of their homes and wish to remain in a familiar environment. They need to understand that assisted living facilities can offer them the same convenience and comfort with more independence and dignity. Whatever one does and says, for seniors, seeing is believing . So, it is better to allow seniors to stay for a brief time at an assisted living facility and experience its pros and cons. This is where elderly short term stays come handy to act as a good trial run for seniors to understand the advantage of assisted living facilities.

  • Safe stay during emergencies

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sudden emergencies may arise like a flood situation or even an epidemic where the seniors have to be kept safely. Elders need extra care during such 

situations and must be housed securely in a safe place until the situation returns back to normal. the only place where elders will receive professional care with complete safety is an assisted living facility. Seniors can temporarily make use of the assisted living facilities by opting for elderly short term stays till the situation tides over.

  • Constant care while the family is away

A family always wants to take care of its seniors 24×7. But sometimes, work commitments or personal reasons demand that they go away on trips or tours. This could be a business conference, a training program, a visit to another loved one in the family, a family occasion like wedding or engagement which they must attend etc. At all such junctures, they cannot take the elder along as the senior is too old or invalid to travel. They also feel pained to leave the elder alone and do not wish to bother other family members. In such a situation, they can opt for elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities.

  • Professional post-operative care for seniors

Seniors are prone to health emergencies due to age and these might require hospitalization and surgery. But after the surgery procedure, elders need professional clinical help to return back to normal. Their health parameters must be monitored and they must be administered injections or medications on time. Their hygiene and sanitation must be taken special care of as they are more likely to contract infections. This kind of professional post-operative care for seniors can be attained only via elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities. Here the personnel at senior living homes are professionally trained to offer quality nursing care and treat the elders with care, compassion and expert clinical support.

  • A brief respite from routine

All of us need a break and even elders do. This kind of a brief respite from the normal routine is necessary to revitalize seniors. But at the same time, elders need constant support and clinical supervision too. How can one get both at the same time? This is possible by opting for elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities. Seniors can have a change of atmosphere, a different ambience and a new experience at Senior Living Homes. They can also enjoy the companionship of elders of their own age and experiment new activities while maintaining their dignity and independence through elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities.

Elderly short term stays at assisted living facilities. are often called “respite care” as they offer the required breathing space for elders to enhance their life through a novel experience in a different environ.  Through elderly short term stays, assisted living facilities extend their safe and dependable care for elders even though it is for a short period. Seniors can now look at elderly short term stays as a “VACATION AT A HOME AWAY FROM HOME” in assisted living facilities



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