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Our polluted planet increases the risk of health factors during this disease outbreak, WHO will raise public attention on crucial actions to keep humans and the planet healthy by organizing a campaign on society’s well-being, on World Health Day 2022.

Extreme weather and climatic conditions are affecting people’s health by displacing the food chain with the result of land degradation and droughts. This disequilibrium drives the wave of medical problems, especially in elders resulting in a health crisis of obesity and cancer diseases.

The union of health crisis and aging does not entail approaching emergency rooms frequently and in fact, several studies indicated that the emergency room iterations can be prevented potentially by several age-related helping spectrums.

One of the hues is Assisted Living Communities that help elders with regular daily activities by providing the right services to eliminate the discomfort in their habitual living and this terminates the probability of repeated trips to emergency rooms.

How does Assisted Living assist seniors in avoiding trips to the emergency room?

Senior-friendly environment for fall prevention

Stress and balance concerns of aging develop the chances of falling with physical injury. Furthermore, after the first time you fall, your odds of falling will elevate to the maximum point.

Assisted Living Communities provide gentle health and fitness programs for elders to balance their strength and this likely decreases the risk of falls. Moreover, it can be designed with a senior-friendly environment that acts as an excellent support system for seniors to move around. Athulya Assisted Living formulated the environment with the orientation of “Design for Aging” under the provisions of,

  1. Grab bars in lavatories
  2. Non-Slippery floors
  3. Handrails in a staircase

Better Nutrition

Aging requires good nutrition to stay healthy and balanced. The right proportion of diet with essential nutrients eliminates various health illnesses and this frame of nourishment will ensure the seniors stay active and wholesome. In addition, it elevates the opportunities for social conversation with like-minded elders under friendly circumstances.

Early health detection 

The majority of seniors visit emergency rooms due to respiratory ailments and this condition needs immediate medical attention to treat. Assisted Living facilitates skilled nursing professionals for early diagnosis and care. Also, the nurse call bell system is placed near the senior’s bed this will send an alarming message which encompasses the note of the senior’s medical issues to the experienced nursing staff for quick treatment.

Round-the-clock Care

Assisted Living Facilities enable seniors with their privacy to live independently under peaceful circumstances. This mental health relaxation potentially lightens emergency room trips to hospitals and diminishes the medical issues under consistent nursing assistance round the clock. Athulya Assisted Living provides skilled nursing care to monitor and regulate seniors’ health conditions for physical and mental wellness to ensure good health.

Skilled nursing care support

Senior Living Community engages residents by conducting senior activities to stimulate their mental health and care is provided along with the convenience of privacy and values with a nursing team that ensures 24/7 monitoring to avoid medical emergencies.

Medical management

Professionally experienced caregivers will provide the right medication with the proper dosage to the elders. This assistance will help the residents to keep track of medications with updated information and this regular consumption of prescribed medicines will lower the risk of emergency room visits.

Assisted Living Facility is the right choice for elderly people to enjoy their later period of life with peace and independence. Furthermore, the elders can rest safely in a confidential environment by preventing repeated trips to the emergency rooms.


  1. How does technology help elder people in the health aspect?

Nowadays, technology develops the elder’s physical and mental health in their social lives. In case of difficult situations, emergency remainder apps for elders will screen and provide the medical results for instant citation.

  1. What are the benefits of technology for elders?

There are a lot of benefits that modern technology provides and they are,

  • Socialization
  • Entertainment
  • Engagement
  1. What causes the most emergency room visits?

Falls are the major source of hospital emergency room visits, accounting for more than 8 million visits each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that emergency room visits due to falls rise with a patient’s age.


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