Neighbourhood Assisted Living

Life after retirement assumes a unique significance as it bestows seniors with the amazing opportunity of being completely in control of their time and decision. Yet, it is challenging as one needs to exert extra precaution at various crucial touch-points in life, thus adding a new dimension to the prevailing lifestyle.

Fortunately, Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Independent Living Homes give promising support to this proposition by offering specially crafted environments to cater to all the needs of the elderly population. There are a lot of intricate matters involved behind the design of such dwellings as it infuses resonance and seamlessly inculcates several classic moments to create a blissful retired life.

The facilities in senior living homes are scrupulously planned by highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals to give it a homely ambiance. Ranging from round-the-clock medical facilities, healthy nutrition, fitness regimes and entertainment programs, there is a plethora of services and assistance given to the inhabitants. These facilities also foster strong social networking both on the premises and with the external world to evade loneliness in the elders.

Chennai, in particular, happens to be the appealing choice to senior citizens for making long-term residential plans. The Assisted Living Homes in Chennai are one of the best old age homes as they are ergonomically built with high-quality standards to surpass the expectations of senior living. Let us now look into the amazing and interesting features of these facilities which make it special and endearing.

Special Features and Facilities of Assisted Living

  • Serves as an ideal choice of senior living for elders who need some personal assistance and care for daily activities but are largely healthy and independent without the aid of constant nursing or medical supervision.
  • All services at Assisted Living offer 24/7 reliable support and access to care without compromising on the independence and privacy of the senior residents.
  • Most facilities develop personalized plans and aesthetic surroundings to accommodate the limitations and disabilities of the elders while simultaneously paving the way for their freedom and comfort.
  • Health of the seniors happens to be the primary concern and focus of these facilities and all endeavours are done to achieve this diligently. Medical support by doctors is available throughout the day. Specialist consultation visits are also undertaken. Besides this, the seniors can enrol themselves in the customized fitness and wellness programs conducted here to remain hale and hearty.
  • Assistance is given by trained professionals for executing several personal care and daily activities like self-grooming, eating, bathing, walking, cooking, house-keeping, laundry, travelling and going for clinical appointments.
  • Particularly, the assisted living dining experience  is an alluring attraction as it offers a variety of healthy and tasty menus that are customized to the healthcare needs and personal preferences of the residents.
  • Emergency call systems are installed in the individual living spaces of all inhabitants so that they are attended to immediately on events of medical emergencies or crisis.
  • These facilities offer affordable and cost-effective rental options for both short-term and long-term stay.
  • The amenities here, right from the carpet to the ceiling, are meticulously designed exclusively for senior citizens. Anti-slippery floors and mats, grab rails in the bathrooms, adjustable beds, soft cushions and pillows, comfortable sofas, controlled air-conditioners and in-house saloons are a few examples to illustrate this.
  • These senior-friendly homes are conveniently located close to other amenities like hospitals, shops and restaurants thereby providing ease of mobility for seniors to go on outings and remain in contact with the outside world.
  • Uninterrupted internet services and video conferencing facilities are available to ensure that seniors can remain in contact with the family and friends at any time. Several group activities and trips are also conducted to evade anxiety and stress through socialization.

Thus Assisted Living Facilities offer impeccable care and support to seniors for easily transitioning into a healthy and blissful retired life!


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