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Assisted Living and the Common Myths about It

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Your whole life is the result of the choices you have made. The moments where you were at the peaks of the happiness, the moments where you were dwelling in the depths of sadness and everything in-between are the results of your choices.
Every time we find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision out of the choices we have been provided by life, we try to choose the best one based on our learning and experience. However, after a certain point of age, we think we no longer can make our choices but just accept the life as is. Think not! You can make your choices at any point in life because no one will do it for you.
Life after retirement is difficult. Hard truth but it is what it is, after all! Every decision you make is a crucial one for your overall wellbeing and safety aging. As we advance in our lives, we need to make some lifestyle changes and one such change is choosing that safe living place to spend your retired life.
Given the quality of living, aging amid modern amenities and the kind of assistance you will be receiving, assisted living facilities are the best choice for an enhanced senior living experience. However, there are some myths about assisted living facilities that may make you think twice to clear your mind. This blog will help you in this process.

Myth – Assisted Living Facilities are only for the rich people.

Truth – Assisted Living is a new concept and the initial days in the evolving process of this concept was a bit difficult for the general public to afford it. As a result of increased competition and the availability of skilled resources in the caregiving field, a life at assisted living facilities, these days, can be afforded by all the retired individuals.


Myth – Assisted Living Facilities are no different from the regular senior living and old age homes.

Truth – These facilities are way ahead than the regular senior living homes in every aspect. They are not the cosmetic upgrades of senior living homes but the facilities that have been carefully designed keeping all the daily activities of seniors and the type assistance they require in order to embrace the senior age as slowly as possible.


Myth – You can’t choose the living tenure at assisted living facilities.

Truth – Assisted Living Facilities provide the seniors with an array of living options, including the option of choosing your stay at the facility. Short-term or long-term, you can choose your stay based on your personal preferences. There are some assisted living facilities that offer stay tenure as low as a month.


Myth – Life at Assisted Living Facilities will drag you into depression.

Truth – The unique quality of assisted living facilities is that they provide you with an opportunity to live the life amid the same age and likeminded people. Seniors are susceptible to develop age related psychological complexities where they may feel indifference for obvious reasons, mostly comparison issues. They can avoid it at assisted living facilities as the life of every person is same and uniquely equal here.


Myth –You can’t live your life with freedom and independence at assisted living facilities

Though the name implies these are assisted living facilities, you could live your life with as much independence as you wish for. The assistance is provided only as per your will and whichever way you want it.
Assisted Living Facilities are modern senior living homes and they only optimize your living experience post-retirement with assistance by professional caregivers. Choose an enriching elderly living experience post-retirement, choose assisted living facilities.


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