The art of living is all about choosing a lifestyle that meets our needs and keeps our hearts full with the essence of healthy choices. Athulya Assisted Living offers a meaningful connection for older adults to enjoy and experience the active lifestyle in a vibrant community. With its experienced skilled nursing care team, Athulya lessens medical emergencies and allows seniors the chance to enjoy their golden years with exclusive senior living features. Our senior care can make elders feel at home by attending to their everyday needs and providing around-the-clock care and support. Athulya displays the great senior living standards as applied by the world-class assisted living facilities and stands unique by catering to the needs for the quality of living of its residents.

What makes Athulya unique?

Living at Athulya is a unique way, here, you can forget the tired tropes of elderly people daydreaming and watching repeats of classics. Instead, Living at our facility means taking advantage of customized care, fun things, and emotional connections. The pallets of personalized care in comforting environment allows senior citizens to enjoy their holistic living. The residents of Athulya enjoys the engaging activities and games which enables the senior’s overall health with refreshing minds for active living. With a cozy dining experience, residents can savor their nutritious meal with a richness of flavor. Apart, seniors will relax their days with the beauty and the breeze of nature inside the facility.

The reason why Athulya Assisted Living in Bangalore for your seniors:

  • Located near Multi-Specialty Hospitals
  • Situated in Centre of the city
  • Good place with breezy air
  • Within the city limits
  • Good transportation facilities

Athulya – Changing the lives of seniors

Athulya is a premium independent assisted living facility in Bangalore, providing comfort to seniors with a variety of amenities that are specifically designed to fulfill their aging demands. At Athulya, the elder’s requirements and sensitivities are the top focus, thus the entire residence is crafted together to be best suited to their age needs. Moreover, we have chosen a ‘Fresh way of Living’, providing our residents with wholesome, nutritious vegetarian meals based on a personalized diet plan tailored to satisfy their wants. Athulya eliminates the loneliness in elders by thinking out of the box and conducts fun and engagement sessions which avoids them from succumbing to the stiffness of boredom. With all of the adjustments made, Athulya’s setup for aging not only monitors but also protects seniors with safety measures and provides them with visual appeal to address the stigma of elders for healthy aging.

At the heart of independence, we at Athulya redefine the standard of senior living to make difference in the lives of the elderly to celebrate the shades of aging. Facilities and amenities at Athulya Assisted Living in Bangalore:

  1. Spacious rooms
  2. Senior-friendly infrastructure
  3. Round-the-clock clinical care and monitoring facilities
  4. 24/7 safety & security
  5. Technology oriented care
  6. Physiotherapy & rehabilitation care
  7. Open garden with a temple
  8. Wide corridors with grab bars
  9. Multiple activities & Engagements
  10. Nutritious vegetarian food

Simple changes have a significant impact on the lives of elders, generating a holistic difference, and Athulya is delighted to play a vital role in enhancing the quality of care of seniors by providing comprehensive companionship for elders with a pallet of extra care and support. Athulya Assisted Living in Bangalore offers world-class care for your seniors to enjoy the patterns of holistic living experience.

Athulya – The place of happiness and care

Athulya improves a hassle-free retired life without compromising the elder’s happiness, independence, and dignity with senior-friendly infrastructures, a pleasant environment, and personalized senior care. Design for aging is a unique concept in Athulya, that allows seniors to enjoy their elderly phase to the fullest, making them feel safe and secure at its assisted living facilities. To the name of the luxurious retirement homes in India, Athulya is noted for providing exceptional senior-centric services to its residents, including in-house resources that strive to cover every area of senior health for well-being.

Aging is an inevitable natural process. To the name of the best luxury Assisted Living in India, Athulya celebrates the lives of senior citizens with the sense of independence and dignity that they need to go on. On a whole, life at Athulya is an exquisite journey for the elderly and their family members to experience a new perception of a stress-free life.


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