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All round care for seniors for an awesome everyday experience

A question for you. You are living in a foreign land and your parents are in India. How many times in a day do you call your parents to check on them? Leave the NRIs. You and your parents are in the same city living away from each other. How many times do you stop by to see if their day was okay?

As growing seniors your parents need assistance that is more than just calls and periodic visits. They need something that eases the hassle in living their day-to-day life. They need physical assistance to meet their daily needs. They need medical care that addresses their concerns and helps them heal.

That’s exactly what your loved ones get at assisted living facilities. You will never have to worry about their safety, medical care, and daily needs. But is that all the assisted living facilities have to offer?

There is a lot more to assisted living facilities in India than just daily assistance and care. Assisted living homes aim to provide a comprehensive living experience for seniors that checks all the right boxes, making it an ideal option for elders.

Stay with us till the end of the blog to know how assisted living facilities are more than the daily assistance and care and exactly they help elders balance all the aspects in life.

(The ‘Beyond Regular Care’ services mentioned here are based on the services offered at Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai. The assisted living care approaches may differ from facility to facility.)

Why care for seniors should not be a templated one?

Life is a dynamic process in its true sense. All our needs change constantly and consistently. The care from the assisted living facilities should be in line with this. The care they offer needs to be flexible and most importantly, dynamic. With the scope for personalization and covering various aspects of life of an aging individual, Athulya plans and executes meticulous care measures.

How does Athulya manage to go beyond just regular care?

As one of the first of its kind assisted living facilities in India, Athulya offers all round care that promotes overall wellbeing, not just the assistance daily activities. Continue reading to understand how exactly Athulya Assisted Living does that.

  • Mindfulness activities for seniors – A healthy mind above all! Receding memory or forgetfulness is a big concern for seniors as they age. Mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation enable seniors to slow down the progression of brain degeneration. It is also a proven fact that mindfulness activities work against the symptoms of aging.

Yoga for seniors: With the growing physical health and mental health concerns, it is easy for seniors to fall prey to issues like stress, anxiety, mood-swings, frustration, and even depression. With activities that include yoga for seniors, Athulya Assisted Living makes mindfulness a regular deal for its residents.

Meditation for seniors: The meditation sessions for seniors at Athulya are conducted by trained and experienced instructors. Understanding the power of meditation and the change this practice can represent, Athulya promises an experience that is no short of the yoga studios for seniors.

  • Wholesome therapy sessions – Bringing harmony and tranquility into the lives of retired generations, Athulya Assisted Living rekindles the spark of joy. All thanks to their wholesome therapy sessions that include music therapy and art therapy for seniors.

Music therapy for seniors: Music has the immense ability to lift us up. It helps seniors maintain a good mental health by helping them recollect memories and reduce forgetfulness. Some researchers also prove that music positively impacts on various aspects of an elder’s life. It works as an initiating factor in physical and mental rehabilitation by stimulating the ‘happiness’ parts of your brain.

Music therapy for seniors increases motivation, zeal to keep on life’s track, and being a source of the much-needed emotional support.

Art therapy for seniors: Mimicking the benefits of music therapy, art therapy helps seniors embrace each moment with the joy of living in the moment. Many health psychologists and prominent senior care specialists attest the benefits of art therapy.

Some of the benefits of art therapy include improved memory, reduced stress and pain, enhanced balance and hand eye coordination, increased communication, and most importantly improve brain function.

Book reading sessions for seniors: Are you a bookworm? Then Athulya is your kind of place post your retirement. The goodness of wholesome therapy sessions should not stop with just music and art therapy. With book reading sessions, Athulya Assisted Living reintroduces the power of imagination and creativity to the elders.

Seniors can read on their own or seek assistance from the dedicated caregivers to read their favorite novel or short story.

The list of wholesome activities offered at Athulya senior independent living is just getting started.

Bringing in wholesomeness is an everyday activity at Athulya facility for retired individuals. Why don’t you check it out on your own rather than taking our word to believe it!

Check out Athulya Assisted Living in Chennai to validate if it fits your senior. The visit is provided after taking all the precautions and safety measures. Book an appointment today.


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