activities for elders with limited mobility

Every year on December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is honored. “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fostering an accessible and equitable world” is the theme for this year. The goal of the day is to increase awareness of the plight of people with disabilities in all phases of political, social, economic, and cultural life while supporting their rights and well-being at all levels of society and development.
Your senior parent or loved one may not get around with nearly the same healthiness anymore. They might be mostly bedridden and dementia seniors. Activities for senior citizens with post cancer care, palliative care, and post stroke care tend to feel boring to be idle. Seniors in these instances should also engage in activities that will improve their emotions. These types of challenges can be overcome with the aid of skilled nursing care in an assisted living community for the elderly.

Here are some fun activities we recommend for seniors with mobility issues

Puzzles and Games

Jigsaw Puzzles
You can sit down and put together a sizable jigsaw puzzle with your elderly parent or loved one. Purchase a large-piece puzzle so that putting it together won’t take you five minutes.

Board Games
A board game is a wonderful way to get the family together and spend some quality time playing together.
Games that are enjoyable to play include Dominoes, Backgammon, Monopoly and Scrabble. It doesn’t take much physical effort to play these games.

Sudoku tests one’s aptitude for logic and mathematics, therefore it might keep an elderly mind active. For elders with eyesight problems, we suggest using visual friendly sudoku sheets

Reading and Learning

The best thing about reading is that it takes you to places and situations that are very different from your own.
Seniors who are disappointed by their limited mobility may find solace in reading, which enables them to travel the world and make numerous new friends without ever leaving their bed.
Nowadays, there are a variety of ways to read a book, including reading a traditional paperback, using a mobile device, or even listening to an audiobook.  The senior living community helps them make the choice that best suits their needs.

Learn A Language
Can your elderly parent or loved one speak more than one language? We assert that there is always room for one more. A senior’s memory, as well as their capacity for problem-solving and creative thought, can all be improved by learning a new language. Additionally, they will be able to use a useful new skill.

Food and Party

Picnic Lunch
Take your elderly parent or loved one on a picnic to transform a typical meal into something extraordinary. Pick a location, such as a good park, where you can eat, create a tasty, nutritious menu, load it all up in a basket, and bring the checkered tablecloths. Your seniors will feel revitalized by the sensation of the wind, the sounds of the birds, and the texture of the grass, as well as by all the excellent meals!

Have A Tea Party
By setting up a dining area, preparing finger sandwiches and mini desserts, and serving a variety of tea, you may give your seniors the poshness and luxury of a tea party. With the advancement of technology online cooking classes are a way to explore this idea.

Enjoy movies, TV shows, and writing letters

It’s not a good idea to watch TV all day every day, but a movie or a few TV episodes can be a fun way to spend an evening or a week. Writing letters to their loved ones can help them communicate their actual emotions in ways that ultimately make them feel better.

Satisfying activeness

Spend time outdoors

Going outside to spend some time in nature is calming and a relaxing way to improve your attitude. Getting some fresh air or taking a walk in the landscape is a relaxing daily exercise, doesn’t matter even if your elderly relative can only access the veranda or sit next to a large window due to their limited movement can make them feel calm.

Participate in charitable works

Even if your elderly relative is housebound or not particularly mobile, they can still contribute to society. This is a fantastic approach to maintain interest and experience a sense of success. To find out whether there are any initiatives that your elderly relative could help with, get in touch with the neighborhood hospitals, charities, or religious groups.

Classic Movies

The impact of a good movie is hard to match, and what’s even better is that you don’t need nice weather to enjoy one! If you pick the perfect vintage film, you’ll give seniors a chance to reflect on their youth in addition to holding their attention for a couple of hours. Like a good song, a brilliant movie may transport viewers back in time and open up previously locked memories. After all, many of the best movies in cinema history were watched by seniors today.

Senior Living facilities regularly involve seniors in these kinds of activities since they are aware of their requirements and wants. The Athulya Assisted Living Facility is one such facility with the senior-friendly facilities and leading care for elders that provides skilled nursing care, and entertaining activities like Yoga and Meditation, Art Therapy, Active Games for Senior Citizens, Music Therapy and many more. Seniors can participate actively in community life by joining teams and participating in activities. In order to age happily, healthily, and safely, this promotes greater physical, mental, and emotional health.


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