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Imagine a beautiful evening, you are sitting with your friends at a seashore, the elegant sun is painting a beautiful picture on the sky’s canvas. Now imagine the same evening with your gang’s favorite music on. You all are grooving to that song as if it was a farewell celebration to the setting sun for the day. Didn’t the mention of music here just uplift the whole spirit and experience of your imagination?

Music makes everything better! Now that is the same picture at Athulya Assisted Living Facilities in Chennai.

The only difference is, instead of the seashore our happy residents occupy the comfortable and cushiony chairs in our spacious lobby. Instead of the stereo music, they sing together, play instruments and groove to their favourite moments in the song. The experience of the same old youthful days but with a little more refinement!

Musical Evenings – A Common Sight at Athulya

We all know the importance of music in life. Our inklination to this beautiful experience is innate. It is just that life gets busier as we age and the layers of career, responsibilities, savings, and living upto the typical societal norms cover this inkline forcing us to get busier and forget about music.

If there is a phase a person is more connected with music that would be his/her days of youthfulness. After that, the layers of life just start hovering. It’s not that they wouldn’t want to hear music at all but the preoccupied mind could not feel the magic of music anymore.  

Unravelling the Spirit of Music

Now that we understand what went south with our connection with music, the music therapists and the senior assisted living experts at Athulya facilities have curated the evening Musical Therapy sessions in such a way that they connect with anyone almost instantaneously! 

Starting from the famous classical numbers that soothe the spirit to the age-old regional music that takes seniors for a walk in their life’s memory lane, the music sessions cover it all and have it all. 

Active Music Therapy Sessions – 

At Athulya, the list of talents our precious seniors possess finds no end! They can paint, write, play different musical instruments, and sing. 

The active music sessions unite the singing and instrumental talents while creating a concert-like experience that is only meant for our residents. It is no surprise that almost all the seniors look forward to these weekly sessions as well as the skilled caregiving and other staff members. 

What Makes These Music Sessions So Unique? 

Our seniors understood that just like a song is empty without the melodies and harmonies, life is empty without melodies of memories and harmonies of happy moments. And, our music sessions bring each one of them close to their memories and happiest moments of life once again. 

People create memories during the concerts but our concerts are to help people live in those memories yet again. Probably this is what makes these sessions so unique! 

The beauty of music in general is that the goodness of it can heal or enhance happiness. And, medical sciences have already conceded that music is immensely beneficial for both physiological and psychological health. 

This is another reason why every senior citizen would be eager to be a part of this musical experience that is nothing short to be magical. 

Music Sessions – Just a stroke in the big painting of a holistic living experience! 

A lot has been said comparing life to a journey.  What if it is not a journey at all but a beautiful book of music and dance? 

In fact, the essence of music is so close to the essence of life. Music too has highs and lows just like our life. Maybe this is the reason why people have this instantaneous connection with music and the aging youths at Athulya are not an exemption for it. 

Music sessions are just a part of the plethora of wholesome and holistic activities at Athulya. With all the painting sessions, book reading events, handcraft competitions, board games, and other daily fun-filled activities, as a senior citizen you are experiencing an immersive life experience with people who are aging alike and thinking alike!  

Want to witness this wholesomeness? Book a facility tour if you want to be a part of this music and many other life enhancing experiences at Athulya. Follow us for more tips on health, diet, fitness and other important aspects of aging. 


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