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A fort, a hill and a golden temple- what more does a city need for recreation?  Yes, Vellore is complete in itself with a congenial climate, verdant vistas and ample attractions to keep one busy.  Far from the maddening crowds of Chennai yet right in the midst of medial happenings at CMC, Vellore has the right mix of activity and leisure that is just the thing needed for elders.  This is why senior living communities have sprouted in Vellore offering the best of both the worlds- independent retirement living with assisted care.

Why Vellore would be the best choice for Senior Living

  1. Peace and quiet

The objective of a senior living community  is to provide peace and solace for the aged in their autumn years. This purpose is rightly achieved by having the assisted living facilities located at Vellore.

Yes, 84 miles from Chennai, Vellore offers the best respite from the hustle and bustle of the Chennai Metropolis. Elders need not feel suffocated by the dust and din or the people and pollution of  Chennai.

No more honks of vehicle horns, elders can hear only the sweet buzzing of bees and the gentle chirping of bees. No more carbon exhaust on your face, elders wake up to fresh oxygen-rich air in a pollution-free atmosphere at verdant Vellore.

Vellore offers an oasis of peace where the aged can relax in leisure enjoying the sounds of nature.

  1. Easy Medical access

Age comes with a host of ailments to elders due to their declining health and vigour. Medical facilities should be always at arm’s length for the aged and Vellore is the right place for this. With its world-famous CMC, Vellore has state-of-the-art medical treatment within easy reach. Assisted living facilities located at Vellore stand to gain from the expertise of the doctors at CMC to treat seniors.

  1. Congenial climate

Senior citizens find themselves comfortable in warm climates than colder ones. Cold climates induce breathing problems and lung congestion for seniors. Arthritis also aggravates during cold seasons. Luckily Vellore has a semi-arid climate with warmth throughout. Even winters are not so cold either. This type of climate suits the seniors living in independent living homes.

  1. Tourist attractions

Elders too need their share of adventure, sightseeing or weekend outings. Vellore is just the place for this. The famous Vellore fort is quite impressive with its old ramparts and wide moat. Inside the fort are a temple, a church and a mosque. The most renowned attraction of Vellore is the Sripuram Golden Temple fully plated with gold to form a dazzling sight.

  1. Spiritual Solace

For elders wanting to spend their retired life steeped in spirituality, Vellore is the place to be. The Ramana Ashram for meditation in Thiruvannamalai is just an hour away. Vellore also abounds with temples and shrines for holy worship like the famous Jalagandeswara Temple and Rathnagiri Murugan temple. The St. John’s Church in Vellore too is an ancient one built in the time of Robert Clive and the mosque belongs to the Arcot Nawab ‘s days.

  1. Affordable Living

Vellore is not the costly cosmopolis like Chennai. With a low cost of living, Vellore is really affordable for elders in senior citizen apartments.

  1. Well-connected

The most prominent spot on the Chennai-Bangalore highway, Vellore is well-connected by train,  bus and air services. With 3 railway stations and a small airport, Vellore keeps elders connected with their near and dear ones.

  1. Fully-equipped

Being the central hub for leather industries, Vellore is well-equipped with all amenities like malls, multiplexes etc for the elders’ entertainment.

Why have second thoughts? Vellore is the best place for assisted living facilities- warm, welcoming and well-connected.


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