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7 Common Signs Your Parents Need an Assisted Living Facility

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7 Common Signs Your Parents Need an Assisted Living Facility

When you have relatives around at your home, have you ever heard your mom or dad proudly saying ‘Look at him. Growing up so fast.’ It is a statement we all hear and it brings a smile on your face as their child.

But have you ever wondered that you growing fast also means that your parents are aging rapidly?

With aging in progress, the needs for aging parents change quickly and they only need the type of care that caters to their overall wellbeing.

And, the expertise of care needed levels up in no time, after a certain point in aging your parents need only the professional caregiving services.

Many children fail to recognize these changes and when they realize it would be too late. Your seniors would be compromising in terms of quality of life already.

You wouldn’t want that to happen to your loved ones. Here are a few signs that indicate your aging parents need external help in their day to day life. 

Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help

Starting from the unpaid electricity bill to the unwashed utensils in the kitchen sink, there are many signs you can look at to find if your parents need help.

  • Noticeable Changes in Daily Life: The way your parents go about their daily life, including sleep patterns, personal hygiene, and eating, changes considerably. In addition, you can observe cracked or broken appliances and utensils in the kitchen. Your senior might deny most of these changes though. 
  • Uncharacteristic Behavior: Your parents might start behaving differently that is very unlikely of them. They might get frustrated easily and show mood swings at times.
  • Confusion and Lack of Clarity: Your parents might find it difficult and confusing to do the tasks that they are pretty familiar with. Your parents might need reminders to perform tasks like paying bills, taking medications, including self-care. Also, they might take time to understand things.
  • Forgetfulness: Even though it is common for a senior to forget a thing or two every now and then, forgetfulness becomes a visible issue. Starting from the expired groceries in the kitchen to misplacing keys, money, and other essential things, you can see forgetfulness taking a toll on their quality of life.
  • House Maintenance: Leaving the house dirty, cluttered, and disorganized is a common sign that indicates your parents need help. On top of it, uncluttered houses contribute to most of the falls among the senior citizens and you should think of ways to make the house a bit more organized.
  • Being Too Tired for Simple Physical Activities: Your parents might start complaining to perform even the simple physical activities such as sitting, standing, and walking short distances.
  • Feeling Depressed: Your parents’ demeanor changes rapidly. The way they talk or engage in a conversation give signs of loneliness and lack of enthusiasm for life, and eventually depression.

There are so many changes you could observe in your seniors who need help. But how exactly can you help them?

If you are someone who is looking for a suitable option to help your parents age better, here are a few ways that can help you do it.

  • Talk to Your Parents: Try to establish communication with your parents and try to understand what they feel and how their health condition is. If you are staying away from your parents, try to be in touch with them every day.
  • Keep a Tab on Their Lifestyle: Observe if your elders are following personal hygiene, and check their eating habits. Eating healthy is essential for your parents to be physically fit and mentally right.
  • Social Life: Elders need an active social life like any other age group. Social interactions help seniors avoid the potential risks of many conditions such as cardiovascular, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

External Help for Seniors

Seeking external help for your loved ones in the form of assisted living facilities and modern senior living homes help your seniors age in the right and just manner.

With experienced nursing care specialists, room servicing staff, qualified nutrition, chefs, and personal attendants, these modern elderly care homes take care of every need of a senior resident.


Having a conversation with your elderly parent is not an easy thing to do. However, your parents need medically approved support to experience an enhanced elderly life.

Modern senior living homes are the perfectly designed havens for seniors to have a fulfilled elderly life.

Take a tour of your nearest senior living home or an assisted living facility with your loved one to witness the benefits these facilities can bring into their lives. 


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