5 Best TV Time Options for Seniors

If time is money, you will have millions of it when you bid a goodbye to the professional life embrace the crown of life that is also known as retirement in simple terms. It’s like you have finally got yourself time to pursue what you have been longing to do all this while.

With this well-earned leisure time, some prefer outdoor activities and some prefer meeting new people and some involve themselves in the newly found interests such as painting, clay activities and other arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are favourites of many seniors and they are the most employed leisure time activities in many assisted living facilities  and senior living homes.

But the big question in front of the elders is that no matter how perfectly they have planned their activities, it is human tendency to lose interest in what they do. Seniors may often end up wondering what they have to make the most of their time and watching TV would never strike their mind.

What we don’t see that watching TV has its own perks and seniors could spend their time watching their favourite show or a program. There is nothing wrong in that. What wrong, though, is that it shouldn’t be addictive.

Anything, no matter how advantageous that is, can become a disadvantage if it is used more than what is necessary. This is the same case with TV. This incredible invention of  humanity has become a major disadvantage because of its excessive use.

Watching TV is okay as long as the person is not spending more than 2 hours on it per day. The same applies to elders. Watching TV sensibly has its own perks. However, it depends on the way you are spending your TV time. Here are a few options that will help you in using your TV time wisely.

  • Wellness Shows

With the reduced physical and cognitive abilities during matured adulthood, it is important to keep their body and mind stimulated. Wellness shows such as yoga and meditation are best way to keep seniors engaged. The shows provide the perfect ways to do each wellness activity along with clear instructions.

However, get your doctors opinion as not all activities are meant for everyone, considering the health conditions.

  • Quiz Shows

This is another way to keep your brain stimulated. Especially, the shows that give viewers an option to participate will do more good than you can imagine. The active participation of elders in these shows increases their enthusiasm which is essential to live an engaged life.

Shows on current affairs and interesting factors of life and the other creatures will be the best picks.

  • Comedy Shows

We could not emphasize the importance of smiling in life and watching comedy shows on TV will keep seniors smiling their hearts out. Light comedy shows with subtle puns are best for seniors. Take their personal preferences into consideration.

However, ensure that the comedy shows are healthy to watch by all age groups.

  • Cooking Shows

It is not uncommon to see grandpas and moms try their hands on the new and exotic dishes. Cooking can be an interesting activity and more than that we all know that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. If your elders are interested in cooking, make them watch cooking shows.

  • New and Documentaries

Watching information oriented programs such as new and the documentaries will not only increase the knowledge but also keep them engaged with life. However, news these days can be disturbing sometimes. It is better to keep them away from the content that is disturbing and take steps to filter disturbing content.

Watching TV is considered as the lamest way to spend time. And, there are many reasons for it. It encourages sedentary lifestyle, kills the imagination and dry up your mental energy and so on.

It all boils down to how sensibly they are using your TV time and the types of shows they are watching. If you have clearly defined parameters that would not let physical and mental health of elders get affected, watching TV could be the best way to spend some quality time during the matured adulthood.



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