A lot has been said and done about the importance of companionship and for the opposite of it as well. Life has many ways. When it’s young, full of energy and independent, all it wants would be a life that is alone. But when it ages and when all its energy is heading west, it remembers and all it wants would be abundant companionship.

Everything said and done a human being is a social animal and it is almost impossible to live a life in complete solidity. In fact, companionship becomes one of the basic needs just like food and water as a person reaches matured adulthood.

Reasons Behind Loneliness:

People, as they age, suffer from loneliness for a myriad of reasons. They might be living all by themselves away from their children, they might have been lost their life companion or they might have been diagnosed with a health condition or many other reasons. It is not exaggerating to say that every senior citizen you come across every day might be suffering from an issue that will eventually lead them to feel lonely.

The relieving factor is you can help your elderly in finding companionship in their matured adulthood. There are many ways that can keep them away from the claws of loneliness and also help them age healthy. Now a days it is common to see parents who are living alone as their children are busy building careers and their own life. It’s more like societal norm in the recent decade and you simply cannot blame both sides. It’s, again, the way of life!

There can be many reasons for an aging parent to live away from their child but any reason should be reason enough to make them feel lonely. Continue reading the blog to know the ways seniors could avoid loneliness and experience the joy of life again!

  • Join in a Local Club – As there are two sides of each coin, matured adulthood has two sides. One side is while-away time in thinking about the things that did not occur the way you thought they would or brace up, accept the reality and see the possibilities ahead of you. One such possibility is enrolling in a local club that is active in societal welfare or in a particular activity or a hobby of your choice. Most importantly, it can help you see life from a new perspective while giving new companionship. This can be life-changing!
  • Focus on Mental Health – You don’t necessarily enroll in a meditation institute (wonderful if you could do that though!), or start practicing yoga. There are many ways you can ensure you are in sound mental health such as reading books, practicing painting and listening to good music. Gardening can be an excellent choice as you use your time for something really productive and also involve in physical activity that perfects your physical health.
  • Become an Explorer – Travelling, probably, is the only activity that can give you a feel the ‘the world is one family’ as quoted in the Upanishads. Become an explorer of new paths and destinations or start a pilgrimage that you had been longing for so long. However, keep in mind that traveling can be physically demanding. Choose the destination based on your physical condition or seek your doctor’s approval before you plan such a thing.
  • Assisted Living Facilities – Assisted living facilities, also known as luxury living homes for the elderly, can be considered as a boon for the senior citizens, considering the peace of mind they provide. The amenities and facilities assisted living  can get your life going and the companionship needs will be fulfilled by the compassionate caregivers. The flexibility of developing new friendships with your fellow residents can be fulfilling.


Even though we strive for things that improve the quality of living throughout our life, we all need companionship in life. If you have an eye for it or if you have a will to take things into your hands, you can change the fate and develop companionship with almost everyone you come across in your everyday life. After all, it’s a world that reflects your actions, your thoughts and your very self!


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