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Assisted Living in Kochi

Athulya Assisted Living is a premier senior-focused home for elderly people looking for a revitalising fresh start in life.

The facility gives a particularly rendezvous feeling, thanks to the luxury interiors with an immense number of safety features which neglect the possibility of a senior falling prey to accidents. As mentioned in the previous sentence, there are plenty of features, enough to convince a reluctant elderly to consider joining the Athulya community. Have a look at some of the features:-

  • The facility's flooring is slip-proof, allowing seniors to move around without worrying about harming themselves on slick surfaces.
  • The entire facility is well-lit with abundant lights.
  • There are enough grab rails across the facility, gifting seniors with additional support while moving around.

If you were looking for comfortable assisted living for the elderly in Kochi, you’ve reached the right place.

Why Athulya Assisted Living for the Elderly in Kochi?

Athulya is the one-stop solution for people desperately searching for ‘assisted living near me’ in Kochi. Athulya’s fascinating facility in the Queen of Arabian Sea features state-of-the-art infrastructure that is completely senior-friendly.

Furthermore, the seniors are provided with enough entertainment to keep them entertained throughout the day. For starters, there is a TV in every home that comes along with the DTH facility, which offers a wide range of channels.

Along with Television, there is also a 24/7 internet facility, meaning there is 24/7 entertainment assured for the elderly. Needing to make a video call in the middle of the night to your NRI family? It’s possible, with the much-needed video conference facility. If a senior is seeking a change to their looks, there is an in-house salon with highly-qualified hair stylists. Finally, here’s the best which we’ve saved for the last; There are transportation services for seniors for both medical and non-medical reasons.

When it comes to safety, Athulya has again proven why they are considered the best in Kochi. There is a 24/7 active security system with CCTV, offering a secure feeling for the senior residents in the facility.

elder man reading newspaper

There is also constant medical assistance availability, with the nursing team and speciality consultants making frequent visits to keep the seniors at the best of their health. There are top-quality housekeeping and laundry services available in a bid to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone residing in the facility.

Best assisted senior living in Kochi

Athulya is indeed the best place a senior citizen could be in, thanks to the best-of-the-best activities within the community.

  • Art Therapy for seniors seeking a way to express their creativity through painting and art. This is usually an absolute for seniors with dementia and other neurological conditions.
  • Similarly, there’s music therapy too, for the elderly requiring a session to relax through one of the greatest gifts of humankind, music.
  • Movie screenings; Need to step away from reality for a while? Athulya hosts movie screenings to take seniors into the cinematic universe.
  • Take a walk down the path of spirituality. Athulya has special activities centred around the concept of devoutness. There are sessions where the seniors can engross themselves in spirituality talks and discussions.
  • Finally, there are active games for senior citizens. Fun and engaging and can sometimes keep the elderly in a light mood.

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Assisted Senior Living with Incredible Dining Experience

Food is certainly the biggest priority for every senior, and Athulya has managed to tick that particular box, with a kitchen that covers multiple cuisines. The senior care facility, now in Kochi, believes in a green diet and is purely vegetarian.

Athulya houses a group of professional chefs and cooks who constantly bring about amazing, and most importantly, healthy meals. There is also the option of infusing herbal dishes with meals to prevent illness from affecting the elderly.

Athulya’s world-class cooks also create special meals during festival days, in a bid to maintain the festivity vibe amongst the senior residents. All-in-all, Athulya has a vast food menu and is extremely adaptable to the residents’ distinct needs.

When is the ideal time to search for senior housing in Kochi?

If you or your senior parent is in a dilemma about whether to move into a senior care facility or not, there are enough signs that could offer the much-needed clarity on it.

Below are a few indicators that might suggest it’s time to relocate to a senior living community:-

  • Fighting to manage their home – When a senior is struggling to keep their house clean through regular maintenance, which also includes, an unhygienic kitchen and bathroom.
  • Struggling with mobility – When the elderly are struggling to move around without supervision, increasing the chances of falling and injuring themselves.
  • Sudden physical changes - Inability to ingest appropriate food and concomitant weight loss. Any drastic loss of weight could be alarming and might require immediate medical attention.
  • Improper medication - failing to take prescribed medications on time.
  • Mental health decline – When the senior is showing signs of Dementia or other similar mental conditions; constant memory loss, forgetting names and places, and repeating the same thing over and over again.

Best assisted senior living at prime Kochi location

Athulya’s latest assisted living facility is located in the heart of Kochi, in Kakkanad. With greenery on one side and infrastructure on the other, the Athulya assisted living facility is an amazing place to live in.

What’s more, the metro is in development, meaning, access to other places within Kochi is going to be even more simple and more efficient. There are abundant temples and hospitals present around Athulya’s world-class facility.

Most importantly, the international airport is just over a 30-minute drive from the facility. Hence, NRIs looking to visit their parents at Athulya is going to be way more easy and time-saving. This is all from us.

Do visit our facility with your senior parents and we’ll be happy to tour you around, subsequently conveying the point as to why we are considered the best senior care facility in South India. Join our community and earn the privilege to enjoy our top-class facilities and amenities. We’re looking forward to having you soon!

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  • Athulya took excellent care of my father that he never felt he was away from home. Staffs were patient, provided support understanding his elderly needs and treated him like their own father. Thank you Athulya.


  • Excellent onboarding to the facility.Great Infrastructure with competent people to take care of the elders. I am happy the way you attend and care for the elders. Thanks for your services!


  • My parents have been living at Athulya for past one year and have had a comfortable stay. Perfect place for elders since views them as their own family members. Food was delicious and given considering each one's health condition. Place is well maintained and clean. The staff is very helpful. They worked closely with me in resolving all my queries. With peaceful surroundings, one can lead their own life without stress and dependency.

    Senthil Kumar

    • I'm very happy with all your services and activities that you conduct every week to keep them engaged. Thank you Athulya Team for giving a home away from home feel to my parents. Highly recommended.

      Karthi Keyan