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Best Assisted Living Homes in Bangalore

The adage "Old is gold" is frequently employed. Our senior citizens are as priceless as gold. We take care of them and commemorate them in a variety of ways. However, taking care of them occasionally gets challenging due to a number of commitments. The necessity to care for the elderly is something that is on the minds of many people, especially those who are seeking to travel overseas. Athulya Senior Care began its assisted living facilities with the goal of ensuring a pleasant, serene, and healthy aging for elders.

Athulya Assisted Living, one of its kind premium assisted living facilities in Bangalore that offers seniors indulgence in settings specially designed to cater to the needs of the geriatric community. Being a Pioneer assisted living for elderly, Athulya offers optimum Senior Living features for the elderly.

Athulya maintains the structure of a senior's home away from home while also preserving the sentiments of home as it is supported by a team of knowledgeable and experienced elder care experts. They attempt to instil resonance and weave iconic events to make the senior citizenry's most important stage of life the best time at the assisted living facilities.

Elders desire to get cared and live in a peaceful environment as they age. Understanding this, Athulya is located in a tranquil setting that allows elders to be in complete control of their lives. With vast amenities for round-the-clock care, healthy nutritious food selections, entertainment, and wellness programmes, Athulya also allows seniors to select the best rental ownership for them. Elders can choose the type of stay and care they want, whether it is short or long term.

Redefining the living standards of senior living

Athulya provides luxury not only via its facilities and amenities, but also through expert care that allows elders to experience the essence of true premium living. Athulya makes sure that elders don't feel even a little lonely while residing in the facility, thus it offers opportunities for seniors to connect with other seniors there.

Understanding the seniors' sensitivities, Athulya provides care based on the seniors' needs and desires. Athulya Assisted Living's food is tailored to each senior's specific requirements. Every food plan in the facility is meticulously overseen by a professional nutritionist. The food pattern is created by an expert nutritionist based on the medical conditions of the elderly. And in this way, Athulya works to improve elders' health in order for them to age gracefully. Athulya is determined and focused on reinventing living standards in Bangalore assisted living facilities while improving the elderly's entire quality of life.

The Philosophy of Assisted Living and Why It Is a Realistic Option

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The origins of assisted living facilities can be directly linked to the core values of life, which are mostly separate ones like autonomy and choice, participation in society, respect for one's privacy and dignity, and ageing in a free environment. The paradigm change from medically associated nursing home care to more socially gratifying assisted living is the result of aspirational elderly individuals who want to age gracefully in a homelike setting at an affordable assisted living cost. While maintaining proper support systems that allow senior individuals to live their lives on their terms, Athulya has a no-compromise approach to senior independence.

The Athulya Difference

  • Professionally supervised Geriatric Assisted Living

    To assure the safety and care of the elderly, Athulya is staffed by a dedicated team of geriatrics professionals. Seniors receive world-class care that is supported by expert knowledge.

  • Healthy Nutrition based diet

    Meals are made with fresh ingredients, with the nutritional needs of the elders in mind. Diet is tailored to the senior's medical needs and is routinely monitored.

  • In hot spot location

    Premium and pleasant assisted living in Bangalore that is accessible & easy for transportation and travel. Being located in the hot spots of the town makes the commutation process easier for the family to visit their parents.

  • Comfortable clinical beds

    As a senior-friendly facility, it has been meticulously built with comfortable clinical beds to meet individual needs in accordance with international standards. This increases the level of comfort desired by elders.

  • A secure and engaging environment

    Athulya offers seniors a tranquil environment in which to stimulate the mind and body, and where elders' safety is protected with the utmost care and importance.

  • Rental model

    Premium living on a rental basis is a convenient option for seniors because they can stay for as long as they wish at their leisure. Seniors can stay for long or short periods of time, depending on their needs.
    The facilities at Athulya assisted living homes boast exquisite living elements that promote improved elder life. They are dedicated to give elderly citizens the opportunity to live with dignity and freedom in the midst of all of these aspects. The assistance at Athulya is tuned to suit elder’s specific individual needs.

'Personalised, Compassionate and Top-class elderly care starts with Athulya Senior Care'

Athulya Assisted Living - The Best in Bangalore

The goal of assisted senior living is to give seniors the freedom and dignity to enjoy their golden years. Athulya, generally regarded as the best assisted living facility in Bangalore, provides the services and amenities—particularly staff services, transportation, and social activities—necessary to make achieving autonomy more realistic than it would be in many in-home settings. Society participation is a natural outgrowth of Assisted Living and hence improves ties with other seniors in the living community. Dignity and privacy are implicit in such a living arrangement, as is the ability to be oneself while experiencing the natural aging process. Athulya is here to deliver a high-quality lifestyle through personalized attention and carefully nurtured living that meets the needs of seniors. For seniors searching for Assisted Living near me in Bangalore, Athulya Assisted living is the best option to choose for a happy, healthy, & safe aging.

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  • We have been very impressed with Athulya! Miss Malathi gave us a very detailed tour and took the time to address each and every concern. The building is very well designed for seniors, modern, spacious, with inclusion of nature. The staff seemed very kind and caring. There are no more valuable people in the world than our parents, and I feel that they will have a safe, loving, and medically sound environment in which to enjoy their golden years.

    Shilpa Agarwal

  • My parents are staying there for a month now! Overall our experience so far has been great. The facility is clean, spacious and managed well. The physiotherapist experience has been great and he works with my parents and helping them with their mobility exercises. Food is hygienic and served on time! We appreciate the better communication through WhatsApp group to keep us updated of my parents daily activities. Overall my parents are enjoying their stay there!

    - Praveen Mohan