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    Sensibly crafted senior friendly homes
    and furniture that can optimize the comfort
    and overall wellbeing of seniors to age gracefully.


The modification in the house by Athulya Design for Aging enables elderly to experience the elderly living at its best. For the habitation of seniors, the place should be ergonomically comfortable and seamlessly suitable for all their general needs and personal tastes. Athulya Design will modify the elderly living spaces with its unique tactics of designing senior friendly houses. We believe the place which is so senior friendly that it can add years to life by spreading life-force minute by minute, the place that celebrates the beauty and energizes body and soul and the place that compliments aesthetic living and motivates positivity within, slows down the aging process.

So, the place in which the elderly live matters. And, what matters the most is the minuscule details of the house as anything could go wrong in a place where an infant or an elder lives. With a little bit of care and anticipation, small modifications to the house and interior design for senior living will make a positive difference in seniors’ quality of life. Every house, irrespective of size, design or location can be altered into a peaceful haven for the seniors. It can be converted into a consecration designed for your elders.

Candidly, Athulya Design for aging can help you in gifting a place that is perfectly blended with all amenities and has a flexible layout to meet all universal needs of your seniors while fulfilling their personal tastes. The Athulya Design for Aging includes modifying interiors such as convenient furniture, fixing bathroom grab bars and geriatric accessories. Every piece of the house will be designed with great attention to detail and intention to provide a comfortable living for your senior generation.

A home should always have the affinity towards the soul and mind of an aging inhabitant. Everything changes with aging and those changes are accompanied by challenges. The walls that hold all the beautiful memories and capable of making nostalgic will become rough. The floors on which the seniors once stood still and held their ground, now becomes slippery. The furniture which was easily accessible and the source of comfort once, becomes out of reach. The same home that gave warmth and comfort for ages now becomes uncomfortable, little by little. It will not let the seniors cope with their regular activities.

Having been lived an extended and demanding life that was full of struggles and responsibilities, our elders deserve a place where they can finally relax and rejuvenate the time ahead of them. At Athulya Design for aging, we make it a bit more interesting by adding a pallet of colours to the place where they live so that it reflects in lives and smiles.

The modification ranges from altering the entire house to altering a specific area; you can choose the range based on the budget. We design the living places for the elderly who have contributed their lifetime to mould us what we are today. Simple modifications in houses bring significant changes in the lives of seniors. 

Simple Modifications in House bring Significant Changes in the Lives of Seniors.

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Our Senior Friendly Designs at Athulya

senior friendly floor

Floor and Other Walking Spaces:

Installing the floor with soft material such as cork, rubber and linoleum reduces fall impact compared to regular hard floors. In addition, installing smooth and tight-lopped carpets glued to the floors reduce the physical impact at a greater level in case of a fall.

grab bars for seniors

Handrails and Grab Bars:

Installing dual handrails or grab bars on walls, stairs and other common areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and halls will help the elderly to walk with confidence. Grab rails with a grippy surface proven to be more effective in preventing falls than the regular steel grab rails.

lighting for elderly


In the houses where seniors live, providing sufficient and enough lighting is important. Especially it is important to ensure sufficient light in the pathways, staircases, bathrooms and in the kitchen. The switches for these lights also need to be placed at a hand’s reach.

senior friendly furniture


The furniture should be rightly designed and cushioned in order to give maximum comfort and easy accessibility. Athulya design ensures all the furniture are meeting senior-friendly design parameters while designing the seating apparatus for elderly.

senior friendly bathrooms


It is evident that bathrooms make seniors vulnerable. Athulya Designing modifies bathrooms in such a way that the floor is non-slippery and water absorbent, the toilet seats are comfortable and grab rails are placed around it, the cabinet is installed with easy accessible sink, mirror and even room for medicine.

bedrooms for seniors


Athulya Design provides comfortable and cozy beds and cots that provide optimum comfort to the elderly. The beds and cots could be adjusted based on seniors’ preferences. The lights, furniture and air conditioners at Athulya are rightly placed. In addition, smoke detectors and alarms will be installed.

kitchen for elders


The easily openable cabinets and closets with lever doorknobs, non-slippery surfaces, layered sink and storage spaces help elderly to do their kitchen work with more ease. Advanced facilities such as remote-controlled water purifiers and noise-free exhausts will be installed by Athulya Design for Aging.

alarm systems for seniors


Advanced communication technologies and alarm systems such as intercom, emergency locking facilities and peepholes will be installed by Athulya. Apart from design modifications for elderly living, we also help elderly in getting suitable and convenient medical equipment such as senior-friendly furniture and bathrooms.